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A urogynaecologist is a fully trained gynaecologist who has undertaken further advanced specialist training to deal with the complexities of vaginal prolapse and types of bladder dysfunction including urinary incontinence. A "certified" urogynaecologist is entitled to put the letters "CU" after their name. The qualification is awarded after rigorous training and a series of examinations run by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG: Professor Frazer's rooms offer the following comprehensive services.

General gynaecology

  • Colposcopy (assessment of abnormal cervical smear tests);
  • Full range of urogynaecological subspecialist services including non-surgical and surgical management of pelvic floor disorders;
  • A comfortable, non-threatening environment with an experienced Registered Nurse routinely present during all examinations and procedures;
  • Comprehensive post-operative nursing enquiry and advice line;
  • Magnetic pelvic floor stimulation for pelvic floor disorders using the Neotonus chair (see for more information).